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Double Core Intercooler Uprated Tdi
Double Core Intercooler Uprated Tdi Ref: INT006
This direct replacement high performance aluminium "Double Core" intercooler from AlliSport Ltd is perfect for Tdi Land Rovers with restricted space infront of the radiator.

This intercooler has been designed to replace the original smaller intercooler on the Land Rover Defender, Discovery or Range Rover Tdi engine and has 80% more surface area than the original.

We have designed this intercooler primarily for customers who have fitted close mounted extreme type winch bumpers where it is not possible to fit our larger front mounted intercooler. This model is a good compromise between our standard uprated model and the larger front mount.

Also suitable for cars with AC.

Combined with the correct tuning (instructions included) power will increase from 111bhp standard to 141bhp with a similar increase in torque.

The greater cooling capacity will allow up to 27% increase in power and torque in the lower and mid-range revs and improved throttle response.

Customers regularly report 10-15% gain in economy.

Please note, you may need to adjust the original intercooler/radiator surround frame to install this intercooler.

Because the intercooler is far more efficient than the standard item, the fuel pump will need setting to compensate for the change in mixture. The settings are straightforward and are covered in the comprehensive fitting instructions supplied with the kit.

As most Tdi vehicles are not electronically controlled, there is no ECU to remap, so we optimise the fuel and boost settings to match the intercooler mechanically.

Cylinder head thermal stress is actually reduced as the combustion temperature or EGT is reduced dramatically


Fits original position with minor modifications

115mm Thick special high performance vacuum brazed core

Internal turbulators increase cooling capacity

Ideal for vehicles fitted with close mounted inset winch or Air Conditioning

80% greater surface area than standard

External dimensions as per original intercooler apart from extra thickness

Fully TIG welded by Allisport

Makes full use of the space available whilst keeping external dimensions the same

Tuning instructions included

Please allow 10 days for delivery

Price: 345.00 (414.00 Including VAT at 20%)

Please choose which vehicle you have
Please choose Left Hand Drive or Right Hand Drive


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