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Split Charge Relay 30amp
Split Charge Relay 30amp Ref: SAV029
Straightforward to fit, the Smart Split-Charge relay provides power to the auxiliary 12 volt battery. This unit is self-switching and requires no connection to the vehicle alternator.

Triggered by the rise in battery voltage when the alternator is providing a charge (when the engine is running), the self-switching relay provides power to the 2nd battery whilst prioritising the vehicle's main battery - in heavy-load conditions (such as air conditioning in full in a traffic queue at low RPM), the power to the second battery will be cut if the main battery is under heavy load and not receiving a charge - the supply resumes when the charge rate increases.

As soon as the alternator stops producing power (when you turn the engine off) the unit will simply disconnect the power to the 2nd battery, so when you use the power from the second battery for your auxiliary needs (lights, laptop, radio etc) it will not affect the main battery.

Must be used with 30amp wiring.

Price: 22.00 (26.40 Including VAT at 20%)